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Michigan's 3rd District Meet Emily Rafi


Emily Rafi 40, was born and raised in Michigan’s 3rd district.  She grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan. She is the daughter of Dr. Rafi and Mrs. Rafi. 

Her father served Southwest Michigan as a cancer doctor for over 46 years. He legally immigrated to the U.S. in 1969 at the age of twenty-four to pursue the practice of medicine and the American Dream.

Her mother was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has managed the Rafi household and cared for her husband and their four children, including a son with special needs.

Emily graduated from Pennfield High School (Battle Creek) in 1997. She attended Albion College in Albion, Michigan and later transferred to the University of California, Irvine where she earned her B.A. in 2001. In 2005, she earned a law degree J.D. from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California.

Her broad legal education and 12 years of experience practicing Federal Law prepared her with the background needed to comprehend and draft legislation on the Federal issue regularly legislated in Congress, including:  

  • Constitutional Law
  • Corporations   
  • Consumer Protection
  • Labor Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Anti-Trust Law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Uniform Commercial Code Law 
  • Environmental Law
  • Criminal Law 
  • Admiralty Law
  • Trusts & Estates 
  • Family Law
  • European Union Law   

After graduating, Emily Rafi founded a private law practice focused primarily on corporate law.  She represented banks and commercial real estate developers in a wide range of transactions, litigation and bankruptcy proceedings.

She performed substantial work for banks in the Small Business Association (SBA) lending industry, and understands the challenges faced by small businesses trying to compete and succeed in markets.

In 2008 she experienced great personal loss when her husband and son’s father was involved in a fatal car accident.

She pushed forward as a single parent and raised their one-year old son independently.

Through her personal life tragedy she gained tremendous compassion for others, strength and hard-earned confidence that she could persevere in life even when the road was uncertain and challenging.  


Emily Rafi unequivocally supports President Trump & will be honored to work with him if she is elected to Congress.  

She recognizes that the destructive impeachment agenda of the Democratic Party is entirely politically motivated.

The Democratic Party ignores the will of the American people and is therefore Un-Democratic, Un-American & is not operating in our Nation’s best interest.

Her support for President Trump & democratic principles is so strong that it compelled her to exit the Democratic Party mid-way through this election cycle and run instead as a candidate for the Republican Party. 

Emily Rafi strongly believes that District 3 is long overdue to drop the dead weight otherwise known as Justin Amash who has held back our country’s progress and who is unsupportive of President Trump’s hard work draining the swamp in DC. 

Amash has revealed himself to be a hypocrite in every sense of the word.  Amash apparently studied the constitution for years yet remarkably, never grasped its meaning because he has teamed up with those seeking to steal the White House and destroy the very democratic process the Constitution was designed to protect.

Emily Rafi is the most qualified candidate for our district because she is well-educated & holds the experience needed  for the job requirements. 

She will be accountable via transparency  & a voter contract.  She will also be available & responsive, unlike Amash to help with constituent struggles & challenges created by dysfunctional bureaucracy & DC.

She will bring her relatable  persona & virtue of compassion to the GOP to help solve the challenges and struggles faced by district constituents. 

Results Matter

A Contract With The Voter

Emily’s platform supports policies that protect against taxpayer & consumer abuse, create economic opportunity & promote upward mobility.  She upholds the United States Constitution, especially individual liberty & freedom.

She is the only Republican candidate who is qualified to perform the essential job requirement of independently drafting legislation.  She has been a licensed attorney for over a decade. She brings vision, technical legal skills and a working knowledge of existing federal law to the position.

Emily Rafi is the only candidate running who is presenting a contract with the voters.  It establishes an agenda and accountability because, results matter. 

Her work experience in the private sector as a corporate attorney balances her work experience in the public sector protecting consumers and taxpayers from abuse at the Federal Trade Commission.

She understands the forces that must be maintained to support a healthy U.S. economy where opportunities abound, while simultaneously avoiding a repeat of the recent economic crises.

If elected Emily Rafi will: 

1.  Work to reduce taxes through accountable spending.

2.  Uphold the US Constitution and individual liberties.

3.  Drastically reduce the cost of rebuilding the $2 Trillion US infrastructure, particularly Michigan roads by eliminating cartel pricing on cement. Michigan is home to the largest cement factory in the entire world, yet cannot afford to repair its own roads, the status quo is unacceptable. 

4.  Make healthcare more affordable by supporting policies that greatly increase competition. Allow safe cheaper international drug imports, intrastate insurance company competition, remove the lobbyist influence that artificially reduces the number of qualified physicians created in the U.S. each year. Until healthcare is affordable, remove medical debt from consumer credit reports thereby reducing the approximately 600,000 U.S. bankruptcies filed per year.

5.  Create policies for result driven education reform K-12. Drastically reduce the tuition of colleges/universities by decreasing the dollar amount the federal government guarantees (reimburses) to repay to student loan providers. The average actual cost of education is $8K per student per year. However, as the federal loan guarantee ceiling has dramatically risen over decades, so too has college tuition.  Lenders and schools know they are guaranteed repayment by the federal government so, logically they charge students the maximum allowed. Until college tuitions are made affordable again, student loan debt should be removed from consumer credit report scores. Alleviating unjustified debt and boosting the entire U.S. economy.

6. Build a stronger middle class & strengthen wages and job opportunity through the creation of more small business opportunities and increased international competition.

7.  Support robust international trade policies. Revitalize U.S. ports and ship building  industry in part by  repealing/revising the Jones Act.

8.  Support effective border security. Create new & more efficient immigration work-visa programs that are less costly to implement, and end labor shortages while simultaneously protecting the prevailing wage.

9.  Enforce existing anti-trust laws as-needed to increase competition, create market share opportunities for small businesses and reduce prices for consumers & taxpayers.

10.  Protect the environment, maintain clean air and water.  Strive for renewable clean energy sources that improve the economy and are sustainable while avoiding unnecessary and burdensome regulations. 

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